Ford vs Ferrari is a Movie About Cars

I have just gotten back to a keyboard after seeing an early screening of “Ford vs. Ferrari”. It was put together by the Simeone Foundation, an unbelievable car museum in Philadelphia. Many of the cars racing in the film now find themselves in a warehouse next to the airport in Philly called the Simeone Foundation. There’s an absolute ton of incredible pre-war racers too. Best of all, they often take them out and drive them for you to watch. Fucking go there, jesus.

If you’re a car person, this film does you great service. It’s not going to disappoint you. There’s dozens of scenes that must’ve been worth several million dollars (assuming stationary cars were not props). The casting is also very good. The photography was excellent, it had a number of very moving scenes, and I didn’t know who it was about.

Here’s the point where somebody typically says, And that’s a good thing!

I cannot make up my mind about if its good or bad.

I know what you’re gonna say. “Oh there goes Peter with what he must think is a fucking white hot take!” I’m not trying to have a blazing take, I just don’t know.

If the movie had a protagonist, it was Ken Miles. If it had an antagonist, it was Enzo Ferrari. However, I wasn’t always rooting for Miles, and at times Ferrari wasn’t the enemy he needed to be. As it turns out, It’s hard to demonize a man that came from nothing to create the most powerful automotive brand image of all time. The movie tries hard to portray him as unreasonable (and Italian). He’s very Italian, but reasonably reasonable. Many of the characters are very well developed, and some of them are just not.

The most powerful scene in the movie happens in a GT40.

Let me try that again.

The most powerful scene in the movie happens in a stationary GT40, and it isn’t about Ken Miles, or Carroll Shelby.

The movie isn’t necessarily about Ford, Ferrari, Le Mans, Miles, Shelby, or anybody. The title of the movie is “Ford vs. Ferrari”, which when I first saw it I thought, “They couldn’t come up with anything better than Ford vs Ferrari?”

It’s an appropriate title. It’s really about the entire situation surrounding that final race. That’s the best part about it and the biggest issue. In real life, this story had no one big hero. It wasn’t about any single person. “Ford vs Ferrari” is a movie about cars. My title still leaves me confused.

What I do know is that I liked it even if it was a little awkward sometimes. Any issues it had could easily be fixed in the edit. You owe it to yourself to go see it. It’s worth it just for the noise.

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