The 14th Day of the Pre-Recession Holiday: Stocking Stuffers for Those who Celebrate and Something to Read While Eating Chinese Food for Everyone Else

What do you mean 'Pre-Recession'? After the year 2000, but before the economic recession of 2008, GM was making some weird cars. Retro styled cars, cars with high performance trims (for seemingly no reason), cars with LS motors mounted sideways, and of course, Saabs. Why these cars came about is complex. If somebody is willing... Continue Reading →

Ford vs Ferrari is a Movie About Cars

I have just gotten back to a keyboard after seeing an early screening of "Ford vs. Ferrari". It was put together by the Simeone Foundation, an unbelievable car museum in Philadelphia. Many of the cars racing in the film now find themselves in a warehouse next to the airport in Philly called the Simeone Foundation.... Continue Reading →

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